There is no hard and fast rule for formatting, meaning source won't be rejected because it doesn't follow a standard. And as far as what standard we apply, it's based on the default from Netbeans with some tweaking. Can it be improved? Sure. Is it subject to change? Yup.


Import the formatting rules for netbeans from lightblue source.

  1. Start Netbeans
  2. Tools -> Options
  3. Select "Import..." (bottom left)
  4. Select "Browse..."
  5. Select zip in lightblue source: docs/
  6. Check box next to "All"
  7. Select "Ok"


Make sure you have no uncommitted or stagged changes before starting this.

  1. Netbeans
    1. Open the "lightblue" project.
      • Shows up as "lightblue: com.redhat.lightblue|pom"
    2. Expand "Modules"
    3. Select all modules.
    4. SHIFT + ALT + F (shortcut for format)
    5. Select "Ok"
    6. Wait until done...
  2. Terminal
    1. cd to the root directory of lightblue source (where changes were applied)
    2. Reset changes to non-java source:
      git checkout `git status | grep -v src/.*/java|awk -F: '{print $2}'`
    3. Build to verify nothing broke
      mvn clean install
    4. Commit and push

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