Proposed Roadmap

Technical deliverables are documented here. Each technical deliverable (TD) has a unique number. These numbers do not imply sequence of execution or importance. See the last section for dependencies.

TD1 - Core

Core components required for the data service to function.

  • Authentication / Authorization
  • Mongo CRUD Controller
  • Basic Data Application
  • Basic Metadata Application

TD2 - Documentation

Auto-generated documentation for the REST API's for use with Swagger UI.

TD3 - Aggregation

Composite entity support.

TD4 - Async Processing

Support for processing requests from clients asynchronously.

TD5 - RDBMS Support

Implementation of RDBMS CRUD Controller to support aggregation across SQL and NoSQL technology stacks.

TD6 - Updated Applications

Update data and metadata applications to be usable by less technical folks. We intend on having basic functionality initially.

Adoption Roadmap

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